Adjustable Desks

An increasing number of employees are spending more and more time in the office sitting at a desk. Growing focus on improved ergonomics for the employees make organisations look at height adjustable desks. In addition, new ways of working mean requests for a whole new type of desks as more employees share the same desk during the day or week. LINAK offers a wide range of actuator systems developed for office desks. Using either will give you several noteworthy advantages.

  • Reliable and innovative actuator systems
  • Eco-friendly solutions easy to install
  • Global partner with 30+ years of experience

Studies show that inactivity accounts for as much as 95% of all back pain. Linked to heart disease, diabetes and general fatigue among office employees, inactivity is a growing concern for organisations worldwide. The demand for movement and ergonomic furniture at work increases. Modern electric actuator system solutions create optimal and modifiable adjustment in office desks and help remind employees to change posture regularly to stay healthy and productive. To learn more about our Adjustable desk Services, please get in touch.

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